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11th Central European Congress on Food and Nutrition


11th Central European Congress on
Food and Nutrition

“Food, technology and nutrition for healthy people in a healthy environment

27-30th of September 2022


ICFMH workshop/ round table FOOD SAFETY

 28th of September 2022

13:00 – 14:30 

The Chair : Andreja Rajkovic and Peter Raspor

Andreja Rajkovic: Microplastics in food safety: From toxicity to shuttle effect? (confirmed and abstract with this title submitted)

Antonello Paparella: Plant essential oils for food safety: From research to practice (confirmed)

Kiskó Gabriella: Antibiotic resistance:  Still Food safety concern? (confirmed)

Peter Simko: How efficient is Elimination of aflatoxin treat  from milk? (confirmed)

Martin Wagner: How to pinpoint emerging risks?

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