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National Delegates

The ICFMH Executive Board is aware that, in order to achieve its goals and mission, it is essential to establish and maintain collaborations with National Societies for Microbiology throughout the world and to interact with research groups and scientists dealing with food microbiology.
In these efforts, National Delegates play an important role:

  • They constitute the bond between the ICFMH Executive Board and the Microbiological Society, scientists and research groups of the respective member countries.
  • Likewise, any information that needs to be disseminated (e.g. on workshops, symposia, etc.), and communication with the ICFMH Executive Board may be handled directly through the National Delegates.
  • Moreover, the expertise of each National Delegate in different areas of food microbiology is most valuable in view of their possible contribution to the ICFMH mission and as a source of persons for Workshops and special actions.
  • The ICFMH will always welcome the National Delegates’ suggestions and feedback by e-mailing the ICFMH Secretariat.

National Delegates are scientists involved in Food Microbiology research and/or teaching that are chosen to represent their National Society for Microbiology. Within the IUMS structure, Delegates should be officially nominated by the Microbiological Society of each country. Tenure of office of a National Delegate will depend on the Microbiological Society, though shall not exceed 5 years, it can be extended upon approval by either the National Society or the ICFMH Executive Board. Due to budgetary limitations, the ICFMH cannot reimburse National Delegates for participation in meetings, mailings, advertisements, etc.

 - List of National Delegates and contact persons coming soon -

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