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Exploring the Frontiers of Microbial Food Safety

ICFMH and Ghent University organize the Microbial Food Safety Symposium with the title “Exploring the Frontiers of Microbial Food Safety”, a gathering dedicated to advancing our understanding and practices in safeguarding the food supply chain from microbial threats.

Date: 10.10.2023 ⏰ Time: 13h-16h Venue: Aud E5 Campus Coupure

At this symposium participants will have a chance to:

*Engage with eminent microbiologists and food safety experts. *Explore state-of-the-art interactions between microbes and co-contaminants. *Dive deep into the intricacies of microbiological risk assessment. *Discuss the latest research findings in microbial taxonomy, microbial food safety and food technology *Network with esteemed fellow professionals dedicated to microbial safety.

This event is tailored for students of, scientists, researchers, and regulatory authorities, passionate about mitigating microbial risks in the food chain. The symposium will be recorded and the recordings will be placed on ICFMH website soon.

Let us collectively fortify our defenses against microbial threats in our food supply. 


Prof. dr. Andreja Rajkovic, ICFMH president




Prof. dr. Sophia Johler (University of Zurich, Switzerland): “Rethinking microbial risk analysis”


Prof. dr. Kostas Koutsoumanis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; EFSA BIOAHZ panel chair): “Moving towards a risk-based thermal processing design”


Prof. dr. Marc Heyndrickx (ILVO, Belgium) “From new taxonomy to biosensors: developments in microbiology with possible  consequences for food safety research”


Dr. Mirjana Andjelkovic (Sciensano, Belgium) “Exposure assessment framework as input to an evaluation of potential human health risk; example of microplastic and microbiological vectors”


Moderated by Prof. Dr. Andreja Rajkovic, president of ICFMH


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