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ICFMH poster awards


Congress / Conference / Meeting / Workshop Location Date
International Scientific Conference on Probiotics and Prebiotics (IPC-2013) Kosice, Slovakia 11-13 June, 2013
17th International Workshop on Campylobacter, Helicobacter and Related Organisms (CHRO 2013) Aberdeen, UK 15-19 Sept., 2013
8th International Conference on Predictive Modeling in Food (ICPMF8) Paris, France 16-20 Sept., 2013
27th Brazilian Congress of Microbiology Natal, Brazil 29 Sept. - 03 Oct., 2013
2nd International Conference on Microbial Diversity:  Microbial Interactions in Complex Ecosoystems Torino, Italy 23-25 Oct., 2013
2nd International Conference & Exhibition on Probiotics & Functional Foods (Probiotics-2013) Orlando, USA 23-25 Oct., 2013
International Food Safety Conference and National Meeting on Food Microbiology and Hygiene Guadalajara, Mexico 30 Oct. – 1 Nov., 2013
Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Food Science and Technology (KFN) Gwangu City,South Korea 13 - 15 Nov., 2013
International Conference on Beneficial Microbes Penang, Malaysia 27 - 29 May, 2014
24th International ICFMH Conference, Food Micro 2014 Nantes, France 1-4 Sept., 2014
Latin American Congress of Food Microbiology and Hygiene Iguassu, Brazil 12 - 14 Oct., 2014

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FoodMicro 2022

27th FoodMicro2022 Conference was held in Athens between August 28 and 31, 2022 with the title Next Generation Challenges in Food Microbiology.

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